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Below are some links to some Christian Resources that will help you to spend more time developing your relationship with Christ.  The Bible teaches that we are to set our minds on the things above.  Filling your mind with God's word and Christ centered media and activities will help you grow as a Christian.

  • - Makes it easy to read the Bible on a daily basis with daily scripture, bible study plans and more.  App available.
  • K Love Radio - Listen to Christian radio at home, in the car or during a break during the day.  App available.
  • Hal Lindsey Report - Christian view on world events, news and a weekly message.  
  • Englewood Baptist Church - Weekly live stream sermons, three worship locations and fellowship opportunities for anyone in the West Tennessee area.  App available.
  • Ken Ortize  - A six series study on Bible prophesy about the end of the world referred to as "the end times", "the end of the age" and  "the day of the Lord".  This series is on YouTube.
  • Y-Jesus -   The Facts about Jesus Presented by Scholars.

Recommended Christian Authors and Books:

Lee Strobel - The Case For Christ - An excellent book for spiritual seekers and Christians who want to strengthen their faith.  Lee Strobel a professed atheist found faith in Christ by examining the evidence.  

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