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Religion is about what people do.  Christianity is about what Jesus has done.  Religion is based on the human premise that we can do something to earn God's acceptance.  Christianity is about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ based on his finalized work.  After you have become a Christian in order to have a strong and growing relationship with Jesus it requires putting Him first in every circumstance and making him central in your life.  Your relationship will strengthen as you get to know Jesus by spending time reading the Bible, praying, listening to the words in Christian music and spending time alone with Him just thinking about his love for you, his words and his teachings that are in the New Testament of the Bible.  Study the Bible by reading it diligently everyday, pray and ask forgiveness for your sins on a regular basis.  The Resources page of this website will give you some tools to help you to make your Christian faith a central part of your life.  If you make the time you spend with God a daily occurrence and a key part of your lifestyle you will be amazed at how He will begin to reveal himself to you speaking to your heart and mind.   You will begin to notice things that you have not noticed before.  Your interests will change, you will want to associate with the things of God and you will have a sense of peace knowing that He is there with you at all times.  Knowing God and His truth through a relationship with Christ will change the way you view the world, other people and your own circumstances.  The developers of this site have seen drastic changes in their own lives and the lives of other people once a person becomes a believer and comes to know Jesus in a personal way through a personal relationship with Him.

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